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Ariel Hernández con la Hispanoflamenca en Amberes

27-08-2011 Ariel Hernández Roque con la Hispanoflamenca

Portugal was the last place where the renaissance model of Flemish polyphony enjoyed a period of genuine florescence. When the country came under Spanish domination in 1580, several Lusitanian composers were offered an opportunity to pay a visit to the famous Capilla Flamenca in Madrid. This explains why, while other areas in Europe were already exploring the baroque style, Portugal was still very much devoted to the stile antico.

The Spanish-Flemish ensemble La Hispanoflmenca, specialized in polyphony from the Low Countries and the Iberian peninsula, offers a survey of the golden age of Portuguese polyphony. The group consists of singers who regularly share the stage with Collegium Vocale Gent, La Capella Reial de Catalunya and the Amsterdam Baroque Choir. Their highly attractive mix of warm, Spanish timbres and more slender, northern types of voice delivers the perfect sound colour for this concert. The artistic direction is in the hands of Bart Vandewege, a Fleming living in the Mediterranean area, who has developed a special feeling for this repertoire.

Magdalena Padilla, soprano | Griet de Geyter, soprano | Gabriel Díaz, counter tenor | Steve Dugardin, counter tenor | Vincent Lesage, tenor | Ariel Hernández, tenor | Matthias Lutze, bass | Paul Mertens, bass | Manuel Vila Rodríguez, harp | Felipe Sánchez, vihuela | Bart Vandewege, artistic direction